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Professional Decking Installation

There are different options of decking to choose from, such as composite decking, handrail decking, open decking, traditional wooden decking, and tailored combination decking. 

They can come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours, including, but not limited to, grey, black, silver, brown, pine white, and dark cherry. 

Quality decking boards are usually capped with a special coating that protects them from staining, scratching, UV rays, and the weather. Wood naturally comes with oils that protect them from insects and rotting but will require topping up with artificial oils.


Timber Decking

Fitting and installing timber decking is the simplest way of establishing a naturally rustic feel to your garden. 

However, timber decking requires a lot of maintenance to slow the rotting process down and prevent it from attracting insects and pests that might damage its rustic style. 

If you leave the timber decking untreated and don't maintain it, however, then the wood will turn grey, splinter, warp, rot, and crack before becoming completely unusable.



Timber decking can be personalised and tailored to suit the required area and design of the client. There are different types of timber decking which we shall explain below. 

A bonus of timber decks is that upfront costs are low, making it an easy option for homeowners wanting their first decking. Hardwood decking can be attractive, long-lasting, and characterful. 

Natural oils prevent insect infestation and fungal decay but require regular maintenance to ensure that the deck has enough preventative oils.

Yellow Balau is an example of hardwood that is most popular amongst our customers; which is a strong timber that suits deck construction with its even texture.

Softwood is also naturally resistant and appealing to use for decking. They are a budget-friendly option and are insect and rot-resistant if regularly maintained. Examples of softwood include the ever-popular redwood and cedar timbers.

Pressure-treated wood is wood infused with chemical preservatives and depressurised to remove all the air from it. The source of this decking is, of course, renewable, replenishable, and requires less energy to produce than most alternative building materials. A bonus of timber decks is that upfront costs are low, making it an easy option for homeowners wanting their first decking.


Composite Decking

Composite decking is the most modern decking option and lasts far longer than traditional timber decking boards. That's because composite decking is made from a combination of modern plastics and wooden fibre held together with a polymer resin. 

These two materials are held together with a polymer resin to create a tough and durable decking board. Because of all these benefits, composite decking is more expensive, especially if it's made and laid correctly.


Benefits Of Composite Decking

Composite decking is equally as easy to maintain with a pressure washer as soap water. 

 Because of what composite decking is made of, it is resistant to mould and other problems that timber suffers from. This is the reason why many customers replace their timber decking with composite decking. 

Their surfaces can come in a range of different textures, including milled, planked, and grooved. Composite is a material that can last up to 50 years, and we offer that guarantee. 

 Compared to timber, composite is slip-resistant, splinter-free, relatively maintenance-free, and has no visible nails or screws, making it more child and pet friendly. 

They can also be tailored to suit your chosen area, style, and colours. You will never need to treat, paint, or stain composite decking, as they come in various colours such as greens, blues, reds, browns, whites, and greys. 

Composite colours simply get lighter in tone over time, whereas timber colours fade over time and go grey with oxidisation.

Professional decking installation

When you are deciding what material decking you want our Ayrshire builders at McDonald Landscapes to install, contemplate the budget, style, longevity, and maintenance.

You can trust us to professionally install whichever material you decide to have. If you are still unsure which material to go for, we are now going to go through the benefits of composite and timber decking above .

We hope that this page has helped you decide whether to get timber or composite decking for your patio, but if you are still struggling, please feel free to contact our friendly builders online or on the phone. 

Based in Ayr, our Landscapers aim to please our customers across Ayrshire and southwest Scotland. 

We will offer a free quote and expert advice on what would be the best option of decking for you and your patio based on your ideal budget, preference, requirement, and style.

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