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Paving and footpaths are incredible components for reflecting the style of landscapes. They should perfectly complement the exterior of the home, the materials used for the boundaries, and any distinctive statuary features within the garden. 

We can provide exceptional paving for areas such as terraces, patios, pathways and working or utility spaces.

With our extensive skills and experience, our business can develop and enhance any landscape requirements you may have and carry out any job contracts to the highest standard. 

Hard landscaping components can produce functional and beautiful multi-purpose outdoor spaces when fitted with electronic equipment such as sound, lighting, heating and other comforts for the perfect garden design.

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We can design and construct fountains, ponds and other water features to provide a spectacular creation that's unique to your gardening preferences. 

Whether you want a ready-manufactured water feature or one built by us, our team can source and use a variety of materials and can also attain statuary art and other decorative garden pieces to complement your new water feature perfectly.

Lawn & Garden Services

Our fully licensed and experienced lawn technicians offer core lawn and garden services to clientele in Ayrshire and Southwest Scotland.

We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of affordable treatment services to take care of your lawn. We know that every lawn is different, which is why we will tailor our services to be personal to you.

Our team of trained professionals have the necessary expertise and precision to get rid of any chafer grubs, slender speedwell weeds, red thread grass disease, or Leatherjacket bugs that you may have on your lawn.


Aeration is a generally beneficial method for revitalising a lawn. Years of compact grass can lead to poor drainage in your garden and unhealthy grassroots. 

Aerating your lawn allows nutrients, water, oxygen, and fertiliser to get to the roots. The resulting grass can develop stronger roots and look vigorously healthy and green.

Lawn Drainage

Ensure that your lawn has the appropriate drainage system in place. By correcting your garden's drainage, you can appreciate and make the most out of your lawn. 

An effective drainage system will drain any surface water and prevent long-term damage to your garden. Installing a tried and tested drainage system is the solution for your lawn if it suffers from poor drainage or waterlogging.

Lawn Restoration

Our lawn restoration services are necessary for you to restore your mostly mossy lawn to emerald, green grass. Similarly, if your lawn has been excessively worn or damaged to the point of extensive wear-and-tear, this is the service for you. 

Our lawn technicians utilise their knowledge and skills to recover damaged lawns, solve problems in the grass, and transform them to the highest standard quality possible.


Scarifying is an effective way to remove moss and thatch from a lawn. Both usually build up over time in poorly drained and shady gardens. We typically use a mechanical lawn scarifier to do this. Removing this organic matter from your lawn allows new grass the space to grow. 

Your lawn may result in dry patches or grass-bare areas, which will require over-seeding, watering, feeding, maintenance, and regular cutting to recover.


Our turfing services cover whether you want new turf for an entire lawn or parts of it. The ground will be prepared, levelled, and dug deep enough to lay the new turf. We can also clear any existing grass or garden waste from the area that is to be turfed. 

Preparing the area to be turfed comprises flattening and loosening the soil to allow the pores to pass oxygen and water into the ground. We recommend cutting your grass after about 4 weeks since the new turf has been laid.

Winter Garden Services

The end of summer marks the period when your garden requires end-season maintenance. From October to February, you can take a rest and rely on us to keep your lawn maintained and tidy. We aim to prepare your garden for spring. 

We can tackle overgrown bushes and shrubs, dense hedges, and messy conifers. No matter whether your garden requires border clearing, pruning, or hedge trimming, our team can help as no job is too big or too small.

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Artificial Grass

McDonald Landscapes provides its Ayr and Ayrshire customers and clients with high-quality artificial grass that will enhance any backyard or outdoor landscape. 

In our professional opinion, artificial grass is a fantastic investment that will free you from the frequent maintenance expected with a natural grass lawn and is incredibly cost-effective. 

It is useful in withstanding wear and tear that comes with excessive foot traffic and harsh weather conditions and is sure to stand the test of time. 



We can construct an array of fencing designs and use a variety of different materials. With our building experience and attention to detail, we can produce stunning and exciting results that beautifully encapsulate any garden.

Stone walls can give a garden a sense of reassuring permanence. We are experienced in working with stone and can easily craft you a beautiful stone wall or garden feature in any style you prefer, whether traditional and elegant or modern and bold.

Garden walls are ideal for defining boundaries, providing retainment, and dividing areas within a garden. We can fulfil any design, shape and finish requirements and construct the walls from several different types of material, like stone, brick, concrete block and render, wood, etc.


When it comes to designing and installing your ideal driveway, you must know what style you are going for, what your budget is for the material and installation costs, and what you want the driveway for. You will have a broad range of colours, materials, and styles to choose from, but the answer to what will best suit the style of your house and garden lies in whether you want traditional or modern styling. 

 There are a few types of driveways you may decide to install: 


Block paving




Garden Makeovers Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead


Our full garden services, based in Troon, Ayr, guarantee high-quality professional artistry and excellent attention to detail, ensuring that all garden maintenance work, whether domestic or commercial, is completed to the highest standard to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

Decking And Pergola Installation Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead

Decking and Pergola Installation

We provide professional decking installations to domestic and commercial customers across Ayrshire. Our team of experienced builders are dedicated to satisfying your property's needs.

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Great quality paving slabs, such as what we install, do not need much maintenance because we use block paving materials, such as Indian sandstone, sawn sandstone, and textured slabs, that achieve an aesthetic and practical look.