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If you're looking for any landscaping companies based in Ayrshire, look no further than McDonald Landscapes. Our team of trained, professional landscapers can help with various services such as aeration, lawn care, lawn drainage, lawn mowing, lawn restoration, scarifying, turfing, and winter garden services.

Now that you are on our website, please read on to learn how our many services can benefit you and your lawn.

Lawn Mowing And Grass Cutting

Are you looking to create a great lawn that is the envy of your neighbourhood? Achieving your ideal lawn will require your garden to be regularly cut, fed, maintained, and watered.

Lucky for you, our team at McDonald Landscapes can take on domestic and commercial contracts that include any lawn or garden maintenance and trimming services.

We've got your back if you need any help taming a dense mass of long grass, weeds, or untidy shrubs.

Similarly, if you need help deciding what plants would best suit your garden, we can look at your lawn's layout and soil type and offer our professional advice.

Our fully licensed experts recommend cutting your grass in March for the first time in the year.

If you hire our lawn mowing services, we will look at the height of the grass and cut it high enough with a cylinder or roller mower to achieve a bespoke and classic striped lawn.

Springtime is the right time to repair any damaged areas and bring them back to perfect health. We do this by cutting the grass a little longer than usual so that the individual grass blades can effectively take in the sunlight for the first time since winter, photosynthesise, and repair themselves.

Cutting your grass long is also a strategy for preventing weeds from competing and dominating your grass. The grass is then not covered by any weeds and can reach the sunlight.

Our regular grass cutting services prove quite successful to our local clientele. We strim lawn and hedge edges with manual border-edging scissors and sometimes with manual shears. 

Lawn & Garden Services

Our fully licensed and experienced lawn technicians offer core lawn and garden services to clientele in Ayrshire and Southwest Scotland.

Aeration is a generally beneficial method for revitalising a lawn. Years of compact grass can lead to poor drainage in your garden and unhealthy grassroots. Aerating your lawn allows nutrients, water, oxygen, and fertiliser to get to the roots. The resulting grass can develop stronger roots and look vigorously healthy and green.

We usually use two methods of aeration: hollow-tine and solid-tine. Hollow-tine aeration breaks up layers of thatch by mechanically removing sections of your lawn. This hollow tine is a hollow metal pole that takes out a portion of grass, thatch, and soil when plunged up to three inches into your lawn.

The main advantages of hollow-tine aeration include the long-lasting effects of physically removing grass. However, hollow-tine aeration produces waste, potentially clogs mowers, brings weed seeds to the lawn's surface, increases the level of thatch that forms on your lawn, and is a more time-consuming method than solid-tine aeration.

Solid-tine aeration is the second and most popular method as it does not result in bringing soil and grass to the surface. You can subtly aerate your lawn by inserting solid metal poles up to six inches deep to reach the grass-root level, making for a tidier and less messy method as there are no cores to be disposed of.

Solid-tine aeration does not reduce lawn compaction in the same way as hollow-tine. Another disadvantage of this method is that if your lawn contains clay, it ultimately prevents the advantages of aeration as the holes close quickly in a matter of days.

We recommend solid-tine aeration for a low-compact lawn and hollow-tine aeration for lawns that desperately need it.

Ensure that your lawn has the appropriate drainage system in place. By correcting your garden's drainage, you can appreciate and make the most out of your lawn. An effective drainage system will drain any surface water and prevent long-term damage to your garden.

Installing a tried and tested drainage system is the solution for your lawn if it suffers from poor drainage or waterlogging. You can also improve your lawn's drainage by lifting the turf and replacing the soil with a pipe system and gravel.

Our lawn restoration services are necessary for you to restore your mostly mossy lawn to emerald, green grass. Similarly, if your lawn has been excessively worn or damaged to the point of extensive wear-and-tear, this is the service for you.

Using weed killers and fertilisers on an already-damaged garden can cause more harm than good. Our lawn technicians utilise their knowledge and skills to recover damaged lawns, solve problems in the grass, and transform them to the highest standard quality possible.

As we will explain in the Scarifying section below, the restoration will consist of scarifying the lawn back to soil level, potentially removing the existing lawn, aerating the soil, and over-seeding to create a healthy new lawn.

Restoration will entail an annual schedule, with our team seasonally visiting your garden to attend to your lawn.

Restoration will entail an annual schedule whereby our lawn technicians will seasonally visit you to attend to your garden. We will tailor our services to you but do get in touch with us to discuss any queries or questions you have.

Scarifying is an effective way to remove moss and thatch from a lawn. Both usually build up over time in poorly drained and shady gardens. We typically use a mechanical lawn scarifier to do this.

Removing this organic matter from your lawn allows new grass the space to grow. Your lawn may result in dry patches or grass-bare areas, which will require over-seeding, watering, feeding, maintenance, and regular cutting to recover.

Our turfing services cover whether you want new turf for an entire lawn or parts of it. The ground will be prepared, levelled, and dug deep enough to lay the new turf. We can also clear any existing grass or garden waste from the area that is to be turfed.

Preparing the area to be turfed comprises flattening and loosening the soil to allow the pores to pass oxygen and water into the ground. Preparing the turf once it has been placed includes the usual watering and feeding methods used to take care of regular grass.

We recommend cutting your grass after about 4 weeks since the new turf has been laid.

The end of summer marks the period when your garden requires end-season maintenance. From October to February, you can take a rest and rely on us to keep your lawn maintained and tidy.

We aim to prepare your garden for spring. We can tackle overgrown bushes and shrubs, dense hedges, and messy conifers. No matter whether your garden requires border clearing, pruning, or hedge trimming, our team can help as no job is too big or too small.

What Lawn Care Can Do For You

We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of affordable treatment services to take care of your lawn. We know that every lawn is different, which is why we will tailor our services to be personal to you.

Our team of trained professionals have the necessary expertise and precision to get rid of any chafer grubs, slender speedwell weeds, red thread grass disease, or Leatherjacket bugs that you may have on your lawn.

By making use of our consultation services, we can assess any problems, see if your garden includes any of these threats, and converse on the best course of action for lawn care that suits your budget.

If any of the landscaping services in Ayrshire and Southwest Scotland sound like something you would benefit from, please do not hesitate to contact McDonald Landscapes on our website today. We look forward to your correspondence.