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soft landscaping services in Ayrshire

Our Soft landscaping Services

Are you looking for soft landscaping services in Ayrshire and South-West Scotland? We offer a full range of landscaping including turfing, seeding, planting, weed control, pruning and lawn care.

We create bespoke full garden landscaping design plans that are considerate to nature and balance seamlessly into your space. Whether trees, shrubs, flowers, turf, plants, terraces or green walls, every element we use contributes structure, scent, texture, and visual impact and thoughtfully considers the garden space along with our client's vision. 

We can provide regular grass cutting, pruning and garden maintenance to contribute significantly to plant health and garden aesthetics.



If you find your garden has become an overgrown mess, we can help strip back dense masses of long grass, clear up brambles, and prune any untidy misshapen shrubs. Garden tidying will make your landscapes seem significantly larger, uncover your paths and paving and create more usable space

Pruning your plants is essential to landscaping as it stimulates growth, admits air and light into the plants, removes damaged or diseased areas, and conducts plants into filling out their natural shape. 

If weeds have invaded your garden, our fully trained professional team will help your garden maintenance by safely eradicating the unwanted plant life from your garden or yard.

Soft landscaping SERVICES WE OFFER

We stock an exceptional array of plants, trees and other greenery that are carefully selected, thoroughly inspected and will thrive for years to come, ensuring long-lasting customer satisfaction. We offer our high-quality landscaping artistry as part of a more comprehensive garden design or as a standalone service.




Weed Control




Garden Tidy Ups

Lawn Creation

Planting Schemes

Hedge And Tree Planting


Lawn Creation & Turfing

We can offer numerous forms of lawn creation, including laying down turf, seeding and hydro-seeding. Our expert garden team will thoroughly prepare and level the ground as required and provide grass care until it is established.

With vast experience laying turf, we work closely with the client to achieve the perfect desired lawn look using any specified natural or artificial turfing you may require.

We can establish the idyllic lawn of your dreams by providing our customers with a wide variety of grass seed options, paired with our trusty, reliable gardening and lawn care services.

TERRACES & ROCKERIES Ayrshire, South-West Scotland

Terraces & Rockeries

Terraces and roof gardens are genuinely sought-after landscaping features in many commercial and residential buildings. 

We can expertly design and create a beautiful rooftop garden, transforming unused areas into attractive and serene outdoor environments that take advantage of the potential space and provide spectacular views.

Rockeries offer a visually appealing, low maintenance way of displaying alpines in a naturalistic or stylised perspective. 

The rockery is an excellent way of creating an attractive focal point in your garden. We can happily provide the necessary materials and labour to give your landscapes this texture, colour, and character.


We can supply long-lasting, marvellous plants for any style of garden. We will carefully position each plant, producing remarkable landscaping results that complement the design and aesthetic of your space.

We can guide you in deciding what trees or hedges are suitable for your garden and the location best suited to plant them in, considering your garden's layout and soil type.

We guarantee to provide you with elegant and attractive plants in places where they will thrive and proliferate. Using dependable and knowledgeable plant suppliers, we can do an excellent job at delivering value for money landscaping that works within your budget in a versatile way.

Our Services

Garden Makeovers Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead


Our full garden services, based in Troon, Ayr, guarantee high-quality professional artistry and excellent attention to detail, ensuring that all garden maintenance work, whether domestic or commercial, is completed to the highest standard to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

Decking And Pergola Installation Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead

Decking and Pergola Installation

We provide professional decking installations to domestic and commercial customers across Ayrshire. Our team of experienced builders are dedicated to satisfying your property's needs.

Porcelain Patios Fitters Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead


Great quality paving slabs, such as what we install, do not need much maintenance because we use block paving materials, such as Indian sandstone, sawn sandstone, and textured slabs, that achieve an aesthetic and practical look.