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Stone Water Feature - Water Feature Installers Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick and Braehead

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At McDonald Landscapes, our skilled professionals are simply a phone call away. Dedicated and detail-oriented, we work tirelessly to ensure your dream garden becomes a reality. 

We take pride in our ability to transform outdoor spaces, meticulously crafting each element in alignment with your vision.

Our services don't stop at design; we also offer top-notch maintenance to keep your garden thriving. Trust McDonald Landscapes; we make the process of beautifying and maintaining your garden straightforward, professional, and satisfying.


Contemporary Water Features for Your Garden

Explore a new level of tranquillity in your garden with our modern water features. At McDonald Landscapes, we pride ourselves on creating designs that seamlessly blend with your existing garden aesthetic.

With us, it's time to upgrade your green space and add a contemporary touch that will take your breath away. Our water features are not just visually pleasing but also bring a soothing ambience to your garden. Be it a simple, minimalist design or a more elaborate setting, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our Range of Water Feature Services

Our trusted water feature installers provide a wide range of water feature services that cover all aspects of your needs. Our expertise lies in designing, maintaining, and repairing various water features, thus ensuring their long-term functionality. 

 Our commitment to your garden's beauty is proven by the pristine conditions we maintain throughout the year. Trust us to bring your outdoor space to life with our comprehensive water feature services.


Our team specialises in the professional installation and integration of water features in your garden.

Our years of expertise ensure a seamless blend with your outdoor space, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. You can count on us to deliver superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Your water features need regular maintenance to keep them working and looking their best. Trust McDonald Landscapes to handle the routine upkeep of your beloved garden.

Our professionals are skilled at maintaining the beauty and functionality of your water features, ensuring they always enchant and impress.

Repairs and Renovations

If you're finding that your water feature requires repairs or an upgrade, let our professionals at McDonald Landscapes take care of it.

Our team's expertise ensures your water feature's optimal performance. We'll handle all the hard work, so you can simply enjoy your garden features in perfect condition.

Lighting and Accessories

We specialise in transforming your outdoor area. Our range of products, from ambient lighting to water-feature accessories, can dramatically enhance your space.

Experience the revolution in outdoor décor and see the difference we can make to your garden, patio or terrace.

Seasonal Care

We provide comprehensive seasonal care services that are specifically designed to maintain your water features in peak condition year-round.

Our expert team conducts thorough checks, adjustments, and treatments to ensure everything functions flawlessly, offering you peace of mind across all seasons.

Supply of Equipment

At McDonald Landscapes, we are committed to supporting your water features with a robust supply of essential equipment. This includes everything from pumps to lights, ensuring the smooth operation of your water features.

Our commitment to quality guarantees your satisfaction.


Bespoke Garden Water Features

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor area with our custom-made garden water features from McDonald Landscapes. 

We firmly believe in designing water features in a way that reflects your unique style and enhances the atmosphere of your garden.

Our goal is to create water features that serve as a focal point of attraction while adding a soothing touch to your outdoor space. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Water Feature Installations In Ayrshire

Water Feature Installations In Ayrshire

At McDonald Landscapes, we recognise that gardens are not just outdoor spaces, but valuable extensions of your home. 

We appreciate how a beautifully designed garden can not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home but also symbolise an important investment. Therefore, we ensure complete transparency by offering a free quote before starting any project. This quote is tailored exclusively to fit within your budget, with no hidden costs.

Our primary mission is to make the joy of owning beautifully landscaped gardens accessible to everyone, irrespective of their budget. We believe everyone deserves to experience the tranquillity and relaxation a well-crafted garden can bring.

Water Feature Maintenance and Repair

At McDonald Landscapes, we understand how essential the durability and functionality of your water features are for the look and feel of your landscape. That's why we strive to provide top-quality maintenance and repair services to keep your garden's water features in the best condition possible.

Our qualified experts are always ready to handle your maintenance and repair needs, whether they involve a straightforward patch-up, a complete restoration, or periodic upkeep.

We assiduously deliver our services to ensure that your garden always looks its best. With our professional touch, reliable services, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust insomuch that with McDonald Landscapes, your garden is always in capable hands. 

Garden Makeovers Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead


Our full garden services, based in Troon, Ayr, guarantee high-quality professional artistry and excellent attention to detail, ensuring that all garden maintenance work, whether domestic or commercial, is completed to the highest standard to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

Decking And Pergola Installation Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead

Decking and Pergola Installation

We provide professional decking installations to domestic and commercial customers across Ayrshire. Our team of experienced builders are dedicated to satisfying your property's needs.

Porcelain Patios Fitters Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead


Great quality paving slabs, such as what we install, do not need much maintenance because we use block paving materials, such as Indian sandstone, sawn sandstone, and textured slabs, that achieve an aesthetic and practical look.