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What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

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  • 21-06-2023
What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass? McDonald Landscapes offer soft landscaping services for Ayrshire and  South-West Scotland. This article looks at the Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass and how it may be the right choice for your lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

More homeowners and gardeners than ever now invest in artificial grass for their outdoor spaces. There are so many benefits compared to natural grass. The UK is exposed to extreme, unpredictable weather patterns. It leaves many avid gardeners searching for robust alternatives that will achieve the same aesthetic and practical value.

High-quality artificial grass turf is designed to be durable, ultra-realistic, and versatile. It is bound to improve the appearance of the environment. Real turf can struggle to grow in certain conditions. For example, it will suffer under heavy heat, in shady areas, or drenched in rainwater. Whereas synthetic turf isn't affected by these problems. 

Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass:

Withstands extreme weather

One of the best advantages you can gain with artificial grass is that it is not affected by extreme or harsh weather conditions. Often the sun can dry out natural grass, causing it to discolour and wither, and on the other hand, rain can drench your lawn.

Natural grass is easily impacted by heat, UV rays, rain, hailstorm, and much more. As synthetic grass is crafted by man-made manufacturers, they are much more robust. 

long life expectancy

A significant factor that prevents homeowners from installing synthetic grass is the idea that it will need replacing. When well-maintained, artificial lawns provide an extensive life expectancy, up to 15 years or more.

Real grass requires constant upkeep to regrow. Whereas artificial grass constantly looks presentable for many years. As it grows older it may begin to look like a matted carpet, so this may be the best time to get a replacement. 

Reduced maintenance

There is next to no maintenance for those who install brand-new synthetic lawns. Aside from an occasional rinse and sweeping in the autumn and winter seasons, they are relatively low maintenance. 

Mowing, reseeding, and watering are incredibly time-consuming, alongside very expensive to upkeep. So in the long run, artificial grass is much cheaper and effortless to maintain. 

Lower water bills

Many gardeners wonder if artificial grass requires watering, and you'll be happy to find that the answer is no. If you, small children or your pets, accidentally spill things onto your lawn, your synthetic grass may need to be rinsed through.

Invest in a high-quality hosepipe, and it will save you plenty on your water bill. So much water is used to water the natural grass and shrubbery, especially in the summertime when there is a lack of rain. 

No mowing required

For those with a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to invest in a high-quality lawnmower and maintain your natural turf. Many won't want to lug around a heavy mower after a long day at work, so why not make garden maintenance much easier?

Constantly reseeding, watering and mowing your natural grass in the spring and summertime can become a burden. Whereas with artificial grass, you only have to complete sweeping and the occasional jetwash. You'll have plenty more time to tend to your shrubs, flowers, and garden decor. 

Stays green 

Discoloured grass is a misfortune for any green thumb, and it typically comes from a lack of sunlight or too much sunlight. It can also be caused by pests, pets, or excessive or limited amounts of water. Curating the perfect environment for beautiful, even grass growth can be challenging.

Especially in the UK when the weather conditions are ambiguous. On the other hand, synthetic turf doesn't need sunlight or water to stay healthy and green. Many manufacturers pepper in blended colours that keep your lawn green looking bright and realistic all year round. 

 What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass?

Withstands Extreme Weather

Soft Landscaping Services For Ayrshire And South-west Scotland

Reduced Maintenance

Ideal for kids and pets

With pets and small children, they are likely going to want to play on the grass, and they may take tumbles that result in messes or injuries. 

Regardless of whether natural or artificial, grass will always be the safest option for those that want to incorporate playtime. With artificial grass, there's also much less mess, due to the lack of grass stains or muddy knees. 


NHS data has displayed that approximately 20% of the country's population suffers from hay fever. Natural grass can cause runny noses, scratchy throats and watery eyes in a multitude of people.

Artificial grass is completely hypoallergenic, and it isn't a natural substance. Therefore, you won't suffer allergy symptoms. 

Proper drainage

Synthetic lawn grass is perfect for those searching for efficient, proper drainage.

They are carefully manufactured with small holes that enable water on the surface to seamlessly drain through. Don't fret when the rain comes, and rest assured you can still utilise paddling pools for small children. 


You won't have to deal with mud trails, or pooling after heavy rainstorms, as artificial grass is completely mud-free.

No more muddy patches, pets or pests digging up deep holes into your lawn, and certainly no footprints across your home's lino. 

Great for Shaded Areas

If your garden or backyard has numerous shaded areas, artificial grass might be an ideal option. That way, your turf won't need sunshine to stay bright, fresh, and green.

Without plenty of sunshine, your grass may die, and therefore it can be challenging to take care of your lawn to ensure it doesn't turn brown. Artificial grass doesn't struggle or need to grow, so it is perfect for those dealing with dead or withered grass. 

Weed Resistant

Artificial grass won't grow extensive weeds or unwanted shrubbery, as they are highly weed-resistant.

Whilst some weeds may grow through artificial turf, you won't experience the same level of weed growth as real turf. We highly recommend applying weed killer to a pre-laid weed membrane, as that way, you'll be entirely weed-free. 

Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

Ideal For Kids & Pets

Artificial Grass Ayrshire And South-west Scotland

No Worries About Weeding

No Fertilisers Required

With artificial grass, you won't need the help of any pesticides or fertilisers to rid of lawn diseases or pests. Often pesticides that help us rid the existence or disturbance of pests, are damaging to our natural lawns.

They can also damage wildlife in a way that decreases their population. Pesticides and fertilisers are filled with chemicals that tarnish the soils and they also pollute the atmosphere. 

Ideal for Small Spaces

Whether you have a small garden, roof terrace, or other small outdoor landscape, artificial grass is perfect.

If you live in a particularly large city, and your outdoor space is limited, it can ensure the space is utilised. A beautiful high-quality turf with many purposes can make spaces brighter. 


The manufacturing materials used to create the products mean that artificial grass is pest-free. It does not attract rats, mice, birds, squirrels, or insects in the same way natural lawns do.

This may not be the best option for those environments or households wishing to create an ideal space for wildlife and insects to flourish. Yet, you will reduce the level of maintenance and the amount of money and effort you will spend when purchasing harmful pesticides. 

No Lawn Disease

Artificial grass isn't as susceptible to the variety of diseases that natural grass lawns tend to spread. Lawn diseases pose a great threat to our plant life and potential wildlife that could be in the surrounding areas. 

Such diseases in the UK include Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Red Thread, and many more. These destroy your natural turf and to fight it off will cost you extensive amounts of time, effort and money. 

Recyclable & Sustainable

You'll be happy to discover that artificial grass can be efficiently recycled. Once it has fulfilled its lifespan longevity, it can be utilised for other products. Through recycling your turf, you can successfully reduce the amount of landfill waste.

Additionally, we can prevent pollution, preserve our resources, and ultimately, save energy. Its ability to be recycled means that artificial turf is incredibly sustainable and therefore reduces the detrimental impact on our ecosystem. 

Artificial Grass Benefits

No Fertiliser Required

Artificial Grass Benefits yrshire and South-West Scotland


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