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Decking and Pergolas Installation in Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick and Braehead

Professional   Decking Installation

We provide professional decking installations to domestic and commercial customers across Ayrshire. Our team of experienced builders are dedicated to satisfying your property's needs.

You can trust us to professionally install whichever material you decide to have. If you are still unsure which material to go for, we are now going to go through the benefits of composite and timber decking below.

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Decking Designed For Your Garden

There are different options of decking to choose from, such as composite decking, handrail decking, open decking, traditional wooden decking, and tailored combination decking. 

They can come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours, including, but not limited to, grey, black, silver, brown, pine white, and dark cherry. 

When you are deciding what material decking you want our Ayrshire builders at McDonald Landscapes to install, contemplate the budget, style, longevity, and maintenance.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is the most modern decking option and lasts far longer than traditional timber decking boards. That's because composite decking is made from a combination of modern plastics and wooden fibre held together with a polymer resin. 

These two materials are held together with a polymer resin to create a tough and durable decking board. Because of all these benefits, composite decking is more expensive, especially if it's made and laid correctly.

Timber Decking

Fitting and installing timber decking is the simplest way of establishing a naturally rustic feel to your garden. However, timber decking requires a lot of maintenance to slow the rotting process down and prevent it from attracting insects and pests that might damage its rustic style. 

If you leave the timber decking untreated and don't maintain it, however, then the wood will turn grey, splinter, warp, rot, and crack before becoming completely unusable.

High quality bespoke garden designs


Pergolas are a garden feature that creates a shaded walkway or sitting area similar to arbours or gazebos. Our professional team of landscapers can design and compose you a bespoke pergola or source, supply and construct pre-made pergolas. 

Pergolas can consist of a series of arches or vertical posts or pillars supporting cross-beams, often with a latticework implementing a structure on which flowers, clematis or vines can be trained.

Choosing Your Garden DECKING

Choosing the most suitable garden decking can be challenging, especially with all the factors you must consider, such as the style, the material and the size. We offer a broad collection of styles and materials, from composite decking made from modern plastics, wooden fibre and polymer resin alongside a wide variety of timber decking.

Types of Decking

As mentioned, McDonald Landscapes utilises and offers its Oxfordshire and Ayrshire customers a comprehensive range of decking types with numerous materials for a bespoke design. 

No matter your requirements, whether you favour the traditional timber appearance or perhaps a more robust and durable modern material, like plastic or resin. 

Decking Installation

Our talented professionals have all the skills and qualifications to provide you with decking installation of the highest industry standard. 

We've performed numerous installations of various styles and materials, so we have plenty of experience in supplying customers with their desired decking.


Decking is an essential aspect of curb appeal. Therefore, maintaining its structure and materials is paramount to ensuring your home or property keeps its appeal for as long as possible. 

We can complete a wide range of decking maintenance repairs and replacements to ensure there isn't a fault in sight.

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Decking And Pergola Installation Ayrshire, Ayr, Prestwick And Braehead

Decking and Pergola Installation

We provide professional decking installations to domestic and commercial customers across Ayrshire. Our team of experienced builders are dedicated to satisfying your property's needs.

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